Lectures are best suited for helping students make connections with factual knowledge. Good lectures model expert thinking, tell good stories and share experiences that provide context and insight.

The main reason we lecture is to add something to the information that students acquire through other material. There is no point in simply repeating what the students have already read; you have to give them a reason to come to class. Lectures should enhance information so students can make it their own knowledge. Good lectures:

  • Provide a conceptual framework for the information
  • Assist students in clarifying key concepts
  • Highlight similarities and differences among concepts
  • Share personal insights, experience, and anecdotes
  • Summarize and synthesize different sources of information
  • Organize material to better suit your course outcomes
  • Demonstrate application of the concepts
  • Demonstrate how the discipline thinks about evidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • Convey a love and enthusiasm for the discipline

M.K Campus is meticulously working on providing quality knowledge to their students and to do that, expert lectures are organized on regular basis during the semester. We invite various experts from IT Industry, Experience Academicians from reputed Universities, IT Trainers, and Entrepreneurs etc. Experience of these Experts helps the students to think beyond the boundaries and also helps them to learn new things which are beyond the regular teaching and learning.