Mr. Mukesh Patel

President & CEO

The ignited young minds are powerful resources, which is mightier than any other resources on the Earth, in the Sky and under the Sea. These buildings youth with this much powerful brains and equally enormous emotions need to be understood, encouraged and channelized for the progress, prosperity and solidarity of the nation. This could be done only through Education best suited to their needs and caliber. We must, therefore, launch such Educational Programs as can ignite the unlimited potentialities lying in dormant state. Our Mission: - Prosperity through Harmony, Service, Education and Discipline….. Such milestones are inevitable to be achieved by any education institution. But the nobler objectives of this dimension can be realized only if each and every employee wave to function with the spirit of commitment and service as the core component of the team. This progressive institution is undertaking dauntless measures to attain these objectives with its state of the art infrastructure. Its incessant enhancement stands as testimony to it. Indebted to infrastructural and human resources, the emerging, students and teachers, joy and contentment of belonging to a prestigious institution authentication its competence. Quite customarily, every employee of the organization could be seen as education and discipline in his/her behavior, speech and commitment to work. Established at the grass-pot level with the kindergarten education and ameliorated to the graduation and post-graduation level education training wings. M. K. Education is carving its unique image in the region compared to the students of other organizations; the prospective students of this temple of learning will be observed implementing in their lives values of Yoga, Love and harmony, Discipline and noble ideals.